Photography has been a part of my life since childhood, and to this day, I am still mesmerized by the power and emotions one can capture in a single image. With a sixteen-year career in video production as a videographer, writer and editor, I have always been creating imagery for someone else while putting my personal aspirations on the back burner. Now, as a full-time Mom, I have had the opportunity to build a business around my artistic desires and my love affair with photography continues to unfold with no end in sight.

I see each and every day as an opportunity to seize those fleeting moments in life....the whimsy, the beauty, the tears, the joy, the growth, the giggles,the bonds and so on.  Take some time to look through my images...if you connect with my vision and style....I'd love to work with you:)  Just give me a call to chat. 

My loves:
Taking Pictures, Eating, Napping, Crafts, Traveling, Shopping, Spending time by the ocean, cuddling my daughter and spending time alone thinking:)