Many people have never hired a personal photographer and have many questions and
concerns, below you will find some of the most common questions that people ask.
If you have any further questions about working with me, please feel free to contact me

What are the costs? 

The answer to this varies. It mainly depends on the type of shoot you choose and the final
products you want. 


1. Sitting fee. This fee is basically for my time and includes: prep time, shooting time,
editing time and print processing. The sitting fees are listed on my Pricing Page.

    2. Prints. Consider what type of images you want to walk away with.  Do you want large
canvas images to grace your walls or smaller images for frames that may be placed on
shelves or in an office? Maybe you want a custom photo album, so you have your most
precious images all in one place neatly organized.
Feel free to contact me for a product price sheet.

*A 50% deposit is required to hold your shoot date.  Payment can be made at initial consultation.
*Print Orders are paid 50% up front and 50% upon delivery.

What is the process of a shoot?


1. Consultation. At our consultation, we will discuss your vision, brainstorm ideas and
get to know each other.  This is also a great time to bring the kids if we are doing a
family session, so they can get to know me too.

2. Prep Time. Once we have scheduled a date and time, I gather things for our shoot and
assist with wardrobe if necessary.  For outdoor sessions, I also closely monitor the
weather to be sure our scheduled date looks good for shooting.  Living in Oregon has
taught me that you just never know what could happen with the weather, so we
sometimes have to wake up, give each other a call and make a final decision.

3. The Shoot. Our shoot  time is dependent on the session you choose.I don't 
watch the clock when I'm on a shoot, I pay much more attention to the light and
the mood of my subjects.  If we need to rest or take time to have a snack so everyone is
re-energized, then I'm all for it.

What if we are sick the day of the shoot?

My greatest concern is that everyone is feeling well during our session. Just give me a
call as soon as you know and we will reschedule.

What if the kids won't smile for the camera?

This is a topic that I feel strongly about when working with children. At times, kids just
don't want to smile. After working in production with kids for over 18 years, my best
advice is to just "let it go.” Sometimes just a little tickle or changing up the activity we
are doing will make them more relaxed.  Maybe they just need to recharge with a
snack. Whatever the issue, we can usually work with it as long as the parents stay
relaxed. Again, it's my goal to make this fun for all and I find that letting go and
accepting how are little ones are "right now" is a great way to capture the best moments.

Location, Location, Location?

The perfect location is the place where you feel most comfortable.  I love searching for
just the right place and am more than happy to listen to your ideas on new places that I
may have never seen. Often we will determine our clothing choices, props and activities
based on where you decide to be photographed.

How long till I receive my gallery?

Usually about 10 days. Once we have completed your photo session I will begin going
through all of the shots and choosing the "Best of the Best.”  I will add my personal flare to
the images and then load them to your gallery.

After you have had time to look things over, I schedule a time we can meet to place your order.